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Agapemone (The Abode of Love) 1856 - 1958
19th Century cult centred around defrocked clergyman who built extensive house and cottages surrounded by high wall on estate bought with money given by wealthy converts. Became the scandal of Victorian society when news of the Rev Princes sexual antics got out. The Reverend John Hugh Smyth-Pigott took over as leader and 'heavenly bridegroom' on Prince’s death in 1899. Community ended as a sort of liberal finishing school for young ladies. Wound up after the death of Smyth-Pigott's chief 'soul bride'.
GRID REF: ST234367 Spaxton
REF: The Rev.Prince and his Abode of Love. Charles Mander. EP publishing. http://www.quantockonline.co.uk/index.html

Street 1829 - Present
Street almost developed as a company town around the works of Clarks Quaker shoe manufacturers. The Clark family carried out a number of housing schemes and provided a town institute and outdoor swimming pool. The Clarks were also sponsors of the first Glastonbury Festival in 1914.
GRID REF: ST485365
REF: Clarks Guidebook.

Brad Plain House C1905
Men’s University Settlement House.
GRID REF: St Phillips Bristol
REF: Listed in Labour Annual 1905

Mount Avalon 1919
FOUNDER/LEADER: Rutland Boughton
House and grounds bought as a base for the Glastonbury festival by a devotee. Failed due to lack of finances. This was the closest Boughton came to his dream of a community of artists living on the land and supporting the festival.
GRID REF: ST505389 Glastonbury
REF: The Avalonians. P Benham.

Community Fruit Service 1926 - 37?
Experimental no-money co-operative fruit & veg Farm - gave food away to local children .

GRID REF: The Mount, Bleadon. Weston-Super-Mare
REF: Community In Britian

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