Utopia Britannica - British Utopian Experiments 1325 - 1945

Index of Utopian Stories

The stories of utopian experiments below are a selection taken from the book Utopia Britannica - in some cases they contain additional material that there wasn't room to publish in the book or material I have collected since publication.

Glastonbury the First Time Posted Nov 2005
Peace, music & Arthurian romance 1920s style
Salvation Farm
Essex boys down on the farm
A Cloistered Life
'Nudist, sandal wearing, sex-maniacs' in leafy Hertfordshire
*New research - not contained in book *.
Digging for Ruskin in Bewdley

Port 'Fish'light * Posted Dec 2004*
Lord Leverhulme's Fishy Island Utopia

'Free Love' in 19th Century Somerset * Posted Jul 2004*
The Reverend Henery Prince and his Abode of Love.

Interesting Settlement in Wales * Posted Dec2003*
Visionary village inspired by the ideas of Robert Owen

A man of peculiar appearance * Posted july 2003*

Strangers in the East * Posted Mar 2003*
Liberty! Egality! Poetry! * Posted Mar 2003*

Not Greater Wealth, But Simpler Pleasures.*New research - not contained in book *.
Utopian Maze * New research - not contained in book. Posted Dec 2002*

Endeavours towards an Arts & Crafts Utopia * Posted July 2002*
Looking Backwards from Nowhere * P osted July 2002*

The Company of Quakers * Posted Mar 2002 *
Mutiny in Utopia * Posted Mar 2002 *
One hundred years of anarchy * Posted Mar 2002 *
Sgt Magick's Lonely Hearts Club* Posted Mar 2002 *

The Northern Impressionists * New research - not contained in book. Posted Mar 2002 *
Painted Fabrics Ltd * New research - not contained in book. Posted Mar 2002 *

St Kilda - Death of an island republic * Posted Nov 2001 *
The Shaking Quakers * Posted Nov 2001 *
Organic Nationalism - The story of the Springhead Ring * Posted Nov 2001 *
Augustus John - The King of Bohemia * Posted Nov 2001 *
Q Camps - the Emotional Vortex * Posted Nov 2001 *


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